Thinking about Counselling can be daunting


Taking the step to attend counselling is brave and courageous. I understand it may feel scary or difficult. I aim to ensure that the whole experience is as easy and relaxed as possible.


Friendly approach

No matter what problem you are experiencing, you can rest assured that you will be met with a respectful, non-judgemental and compassionate approach.

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 What is Counselling?

Counselling is a talking therapy that involves seeing a trained Counsellor in a confidential space to talk through emotional difficulty. You can talk, cry, shout or just think. It’s an opportunity to look at your problems in a different way with someone who will respect you and your feelings.

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Counselling is personal

Therapy is a very personal and unique process which is experienced differently by each individual. You may feel an immediate sense of relief when you begin therapy, perhaps because you are being listened to for the first time. However, finding counselling challenging is also a normal part of the process when working through difficult issues.

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 Wondering what happens in a counselling session?

I have outlined what happens in a typical Counselling session so that you know what to expect.